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movies from japan that are turned into american films

Just wanted to know if anyone here has seen the movie Casshern. I've never seen the anime it's based off of but it's such an excellent movie! i really recommend everyone here go out and try to rent it or buy it at your local anime-like store. Everyone i have talked to said they loved it, and have already seen it atleast 3 times haha.

Well with that said, my friend was telling me that Dreamworks picked it up so it will be americanized soon. That doesn't totally upset me just because i think we're getting better with taking stuff and leaving it in it's somewhat original format, and dubbing her has gotten A LOT better(like if you saw Funimation's version of FMA, i thought the voices were really good, i loved Al's voice! but that's another discussion right lol). They also did do The Ring and The Grudge and those werent too bad.

But what is everyones opinon on all this that i mentioned? for/against movies being americanized? liked the dubbing for FMA? anyone just like the movie Casshern? this community has been pretty quiet for a while so i figured it would be a good time to mention this.
~Rita Pita~
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