Bobby Reed (bunnystick) wrote in j_hero,
Bobby Reed

Yeah i gave into fangirldom

i saw Moon Child.. and after such bad reveiws on the movie i cannot see the huge problem with it. gackt was very good as a teenanger and a man, the concept of the vampire was great and the backdrop of gangwars was surely something to follow. not to mention the really bitchen gunplay!

only problem might have been that it goes from abrupt action to melodrama so quickly then back to action again. it's like being on a rollercoaster that stops abruptly while going downhill. you know.. WEeeee--OW! pluuus gackt can dodge bullets.... ::shrugs:: cool factor's all good.

I rented it from blockbuster, so i imagine it's very available. hencely, i reccomend it. has anyone seen that movie yet? care to comment?
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